This Is Where I Begin!

Sitting in the park after a good run, I close my eyes and feel the bench under me. Every part of my body that’s touching it. My feet touching the wet mud from under my shoes. Suddenly I’m all light and weightless. I barely feel anything, just my heart pacing and my face throbbing from the run. The cool breeze blowing on my face, on a cold winter morning exposing my warm face to it, as though it renewed my skin. I thought to myself, this is what I need. Away from all the thoughts, from all the voices in my head telling my all kinds of things. I was “here and now!” In that moment. I could hear people running, walking and talking behind me. Old men laughing out loud, enjoying the company of other old men. I sat there motionless absorbing all that the surroundings had to offer. I wasn’t giving anything to it neither was I getting. All I did was enjoy what was there. The feeling of merely being a part of something with just being what I am and not caring about anything. The strength that I feel inside when I stand alone, it’s like the best feeling in the world. When all there is me, and me alone. The excitement of life multiplies to the extent of infinity. Wish I was always like this, I would say. But these peaks where I feel my strength, when I’m in charge, when I’m just the only one! This is what I strive for. I Close eyes and begin my walk with faith, bumps may come, people may jump, but I will still walk on the direction I chose. I will fall, I will walk out but in the end when I come back that’s when I’ll be the champion, champion of what I believed in.

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