The Write Song

Write like the ink in the pen never got over, write like all the the trees were cut down to make you paper and still there grew more trees, write like you never saw the sun or the stars in the night, write like you never ran out thoughts, write like there seemed nothing more... Continue Reading →

How simple can it get?

Sit on a chair get rooted into it. Keep sitting on it for hours, days and months, you'll get yourself rooted into it. That's how much simpler it can get! And your roots grow so deep after some time that the need to get up isn't there. The roots provide you with all the nutrition... Continue Reading →

Beauty of life

It seems like everything around is alive, hopping, jumping in excitement, laughing and enjoying like all that exists is happiness and nothing else. Like a party is going on, with loud music, the atmosphere is filled with molecules of bliss, people dancing, talking, laughing, being merry when actually you're sitting in your room all by... Continue Reading →

Whose choice is it?

I have been pondering over this thought for a long time now, that there is a God who created us and He has given us the freedom of choice. And again the Bible says God has a plan for your life. Now how does this work? I was talking to a friend of mine recently,... Continue Reading →

What never lasts

I know it won't last for long. Yes it won't. I have seen roses bloom, They one day do fade away Even the kings sitting on their thrones, they're sons will replace them one day Your shoes new as ever Will wear and tear some day. The peacock's exotic feathers will break off one day... Continue Reading →

When the treasure box is full!

"What's in there anyway?" asked the fat little girl. "It's my treasure box" , i said. "Can I see inside it?" she tried peeking in. "Sure. But there's one thing before you see inside it." "What is it?" she asked. "You'll be blind for sometime. When you regain your sight you'll start seeing things differently"... Continue Reading →

Time Is Love

Walking through the woods alone, feeling the breeze on my face and nothing else but just the silence speaking to me. There was this flower, by the side of the path where i was walking. It smiled at me when I glanced at it. It turned towards me as I walked, and kept looking at... Continue Reading →

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