Time Is Love

Walking through the woods alone, feeling the breeze on my face and nothing else but just the silence speaking to me. There was this flower, by the side of the path where i was walking. It smiled at me when I glanced at it. It turned towards me as I walked, and kept looking at me with that face till I could see it. It seemed very normal to me, nothing out of the blue. Why couldn’t a flower share its love with me. This was the way it showed its love, happiness. Next came a tree, a huge one. The tallest among all the trees in that forest. It bowed down as I approached and it smiled. It shook its branches so that the beautiful pink flowers it grew could rain on me. It showered the love that it felt on me in its own way. I was smiling like this was going to be forever. I walked on, the path under my feet moved. It made me fall, I was sitting with my legs stretched forward. It sloped downwards so that I would glide like a kid slopping down a slide. And I fell into the the lake. I was under water holding my breath and the fish swam around me blowing bubbles on my face. It was ticklish. I jumped out giggling and found myself on the other side if the lake. I turned back all the fish were on the surface throwing out water from their mouths like small fountains. I laughed in happiness and continued walking. I came to the end of the forest where large iron gates separated me from the world beyond. It was exhilarating to think of what was out there for me. I closed my eyes, breathed the fresh cold breeze for the last time. I pushed the gates open and I walked out in time.

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