When the treasure box is full!

“What’s in there anyway?” asked the fat little girl. “It’s my treasure box” , i said. “Can I see inside it?” she tried peeking in. “Sure. But there’s one thing before you see inside it.” “What is it?” she asked. “You’ll be blind for sometime. When you regain your sight you’ll start seeing things differently” , I said. “What? What will I start seeing?” “You’ll fall in love with everything you see!” , I said. “Does that matter much? It’ll be fun I guess.” “Well then here you go, take a look.”

She was walking on the street. It was empty. A small squirrel was crossing the road. She ran towards it, grabbed it in a second and put it in her cycle basket and covered it. She stood there looking at it poking its small face out of the basket and staring at her with its tiny eyes and legs. She kept smiling and staring at it. People passed by looking at her. But she didn’t seem to move a limb. And she stared and stared and stared.

Few years later there was a park made in the place of the road and the rest of the area. She was the statue with her bicycle and she staring at the squirrel in the basket. Children running around playing. All the kids looked at this cute statue and smiled when ever they passed by.

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