What never lasts

I know it won’t last for long. Yes it won’t.
I have seen roses bloom,
They one day do fade away
Even the kings sitting on their thrones,
they’re sons will replace them one day
Your shoes new as ever
Will wear and tear some day.
The peacock’s exotic feathers will break off one day
That handsome man’s head will be hair less one day
People will love you and hate you the very next day.
It won’t last for long, I know it won’t.
But what comes next is the hope  have,
You may not love me one day but
There’ll be one that will.
After the leaves rot to nothing
There comes a seed which sprouts.
The black will turn grey
With nothing left to hold.
End is near for every cell
But beyond that is a new life
To look on to.
Enjoy the rose till it blooms
Celebrate its end the next day
It’s a beginning of something new
Because life’s all about this,Change.

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