Beauty of life

It seems like everything around is alive, hopping, jumping in excitement, laughing and enjoying like all that exists is happiness and nothing else. Like a party is going on, with loud music, the atmosphere is filled with molecules of bliss, people dancing, talking, laughing, being merry when actually you’re sitting in your room all by yourself and staring at a book or working on the laptop and everything around you is actually silent, with not even the sound of a needle falling or a bird chirping. This is life. Suddenly you’re like woohh, that was fun. You walk out of your room all smiling and look around everything seems fast asleep like somebody would had given them anesthesia. There is nothing but the same old air around you, but you feel elated and everything seems new. The old chairs, sofa, windows don’t really make an impression on you. You simply pick the newspaper and walk out of the door, sit on the stairs and stare at the silent world around. It’s all so simple. It’s all so easy to understand, take it in and digest it. The fact is that all of this you see everyday but, it’s all new again, new every morning. Newspaper never seems to end. The view is so captivating, you forget that you had come up to read the newspaper and all you do is enjoy what your eyes let in. It’s beautiful! You don’t say it aloud because it may seem stupid but in fact it is. It is very much pleasing to the eye. There is love in everything you set your eyes on. There is satisfaction in everything your eye looks at. Are you thinking anything? Maybe, you don’t even remember if you were, because it didn’t matter. It doesn’t matter to the world out there and to you also at that moment because what your eye sees is what no one else is seeing. The beauty it’s capturing like a camera, just that its more minute than a  camera. And then time flies, flies like it was a bird in the air, flapping its wings and reaching its destination in no time. Do you really care about this time you spent till now? Yes you do. This may not be the best time you’ve ever had but sure was the time. It did matter to you in a very small minute way which will add to the memory of what home was like. This will add to the time when you feel, wish I had spent more time at home. But you will never feel that because you did feel that when you were back home. You valued the time that you spent there and it became a small but an important foundation to build your life on.

To really understand how small but miniature things add to what makes your life is what matters the most. How you lived the life you had at that point of time because that is never going to be relived. It’s not like a movie you watch on your laptop and you rewind it when you like a part and you want to watch it again. It’s like a movie you watch in a theater which you watch once and once is that time when you capture the essence of it. And that’s what leaves an impression on you.

After the movie ends there’s a movie awaiting. And you believe it’s going to be beautiful, worth living for. It will never end, life, unless you want it to.

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