How simple can it get?

Sit on a chair get rooted into it. Keep sitting on it for hours, days and months, you’ll get yourself rooted into it. That’s how much simpler it can get! And your roots grow so deep after some time that the need to get up isn’t there. The roots provide you with all the nutrition to sit on it even more. Like a tree planted in the dept of the soil, sucking up all the energy it needs to grow taller, bigger and stronger. The tree really doesn’t need to move because of that. Have you ever seen a tree move? Oh yes! on the stage! There they even have legs. haha. That’s what human beings have the capability to do! Make a tree walk!

How much nutrition can a sofa or a chair give to keep you alive? Not much I guess. It also comes to an end at some point. Even the trees start drooping when their roots can’t find water supply for themselves. It does live long but then there comes a time when it dries out. Similarly, your sofa ain’t that self sufficient to provide with water supply to sustain a whole human body which actually needs more than just sponge, wood and fabric.

And moreover you need to give out or use up the supply you get from the sofa! The tree gives out gum, grows more branches, leaves, flowers and fruits. Can you do that? Obviously yes! on the stage! Human beings have the intelligence to replicate the natural stuff in a test tube then fruits and leaves are nothing!

Then what, when you don’t use up the energy, you don’t grow fruits, leaves and branches, the stuff keeps settling inside somewhere and starts rotting. It can even give nutrients to the sofa instead and make that grow! That could be done. In  return growing more roots into it. A day will come when this whole process gets saturated. All that will be left is either the roots dry and die out leaving the tree lifeless or it could find more supply. You’ll be stuck to the sofa all your life then! For that you’ll have to move, to get more supply. Well, that’s how much simpler it can get!

Being a tree won’t help. Be a human being, who is not self sustaining and unselfish.

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