The Write Song

Write like the ink in the pen never got over, write like all the the trees were cut down to make you paper and still there grew more trees, write like you never saw the sun or the stars in the night, write like you never ran out thoughts, write like there seemed nothing more important to do, write like your room, your house was filled with what you wrote and you needed more space than the Pentagon to keep them, write like your hand was a machine which didn’t need electricity, battery, food or water, write like it meant the world to you,write like all you saw was letters flying in the air and not birds, write like everyone didn’t have a tongue and all they could do was write, write like the best present you got your birthday was the word WRITE written on a paper and it made you the happiest person on this planet, write like people looked like cluster of ideas and thoughts rather than human beings, write like the music you heard seemed all so soothing and never let you sleep, write like when you took a shower the water that fell on you was heaps of thoughts rather than droplets of water, write like your body ran out of blood and you were blue all over, write like the skin of your body dried up but still your skeleton kept on writing, write like the snake who gets its new skin after the old one dries out, write like the lion was sitting beside you and you brushed your hands through his mane when he didn’t want you to write anymore and play with him, write like the love of your life only loved reading what you wrote, write like the flower in the wind never flew with it, write like the madness of the weekend never appeared so full of life, write like you never could stop dancing all over the place, write like you loved yourself too much to let go, write like the tree which never grew old, write like the eyes that keep staring at you when you walked on the street, write like the clothes you wore were made of nothing but never ending fragrance which dropped people as you walked past them, write like the world seemed to small to go around it.

Write like all you need is a heart which felt nothing but love and a mind that never left the heart because it loved it too much.

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