Things you want to cling on to!

Its been a long time, being associated to something beyond I know, something beyond just my family and friends. Something that gives me that belongingness, that love and that it's mine as well. With I being myself, and nothing more. Knowing people , simple lovely people, with beautiful hearts. After long I actually feel I'm... Continue Reading →

Rock your boat!

How to tame the raging sea? How to sail in a boat that keeps rocking due to the raging sea? Its fun sailing in such a boat, with the fear of falling into the sea any minute and also learning to balance it ever now and then. imagine living in a boat all your life, with... Continue Reading →

Make out of it What you want!

The splash of colour like a bucket full of water thrown onto a car being washed turns into a auto with one wheel  and its steering wheel lying on the ground. Another splash of colour on the auto and it miraculously turns into a bike with another wheel and the wind shield on the ground.... Continue Reading →

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