The Fruit Is Yet To be Ripened

There’s a theory, that children have pure souls, unlike you and me who are older now and have messed it up somewhere or the other. A child if reared in a surrounding where there are no negative stimuli, enforces no change in its behavior, the child will grow naturally the way it is without any impurities but with a true and clean soul. The child would be an ideal person in today’s time. Even psychology has a say in this. And to some extent many would agree with me. There are many factors to it though- that if a child is not exposed to various stimuli how will it learn and grow, build up his mind. All that is true. But this is just a theory. Let’s go to the next level. Take an example, I as a child was very sincere, did all my work on time, faithful in delivering any deadline without fail and the list goes on. Now imagine, or just read on. I am surrounded with people who really don’t care about deadlines, responsibilities, being faithful, etc. For whom responsibility is just another crushed paper down into the dustbin. “Hey, I told you to ask that guy if he would work for me.” “Oh yeah! Sorry I forgot. I’ll ask him today.” Why do you we forget? Is it really forgetfulness or you don’t want to do that job. Sometimes you really don’t want to do the job. But many times, I must say in most of the cases, it’s merely forgetfulness. That’s when I wonder- Do we have such small brains that it can’t accommodate a small thing such as a statement which I just told him! NO we don’t. We have a sufficiently huge brain to store a large amount of data. We can actually store 100 TB of data in our brain!! The problem is we forget to store it! That’s just it. WE human beings forget to store those tiny sentences. Another problem is WE have a huge brain! And forgetting to store this tiny little sentence, just gives it a free ride to go anywhere to settle down, with we knowing nothing about where it went!

Coming back to my point of being faithful and remembering important tit bits. So how does it connect to the child being nurtured in a surrounding with no negative stimuli? The child, when he observes people around him who actually don’t care about commitments made, responsibilities given, starts to think -Why should I be so faithful and responsible when the people around actually don’t care and take it lightly! Then there are kids who don’t ask that question and go on with their lives being responsible and faithful. There are the strong, tall trees in the midst of clumsy and droopy ones. For those who do ask this question end up adding number to the clumsy and droopy trees. For them, there comes a time in their life when somewhere they will have to relearn all those things they unlearned in the process of growing up. Many of us get to this part in life sooner or later. But still I can’t digest the fact that how can people be comfortable with this attitude. And it’s a prominent feature everyone gets to see when they end their school life and start a new life called college. Well, all of us are still yet to be ripened. We are a fruit, and we are growing. Age doesn’t matter, what matters is how ripe you are, up there in the top floor!

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