I’m a hard nut to crack,

You’re the water that flows over me,

But I’m the stone, that only molds

You can never flow through me.

I’m the statue in the museum you see

The white Greek goddess right there,

Your eyes peel off my whiteness

My bare wounds are seen.

You don’t know what I’m made of

The core of the earth, you can’t see,

That’s me, the blue and green

This is all you see.

Dig as much you need,

All you’ll know is what I want,

Rubies, diamonds you may find

But that’s not all, there’s more inside

I’m a daisy white as ever

Delicate as a baby bird,

But when winds blow

I become a tree rooted in the depths of the sea.

I’m a lioness

I’ll kill to survive,

You’ll never know that

Because your heart’s in my hand.

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