Till death do us part..

When you were born you were crying and everyone else was smiling. Live your life so at the end, you’re the one who is smiling and everyone else is crying.”

This is what the great poet Ralph Waldo Emerson had to say about making your life so worthwhile that your death causes the world to go blue. The best example we can see today is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The whole world mourned while this bird flew in freedom.  When life exhausted, evaporated into the air, the name left, and what remained was merely “his body”.

This brings me to understand the value of life. The value of the air we breathe in, that we don’t pay attention to. Every second of our life we are living and not dying. The value of life over death. Our heart beats every now and then; because if it stops, you and me, we stop! Stop forever. The essence of life has so much meaning than just doing our daily chores, working, being lazy, gossiping or doing nothing. Have you ever stopped for a while, not for a second but for a while in your busy schedule or a lazy one to realize that you are breathing in life into yourself ever second. Knowing that your life is not a sentence that will end in judgement and death but it is a statement of endless sphere of possibilities and happiness if you want it to be, which leads to a reward instead.

That’s why it is said live such that people cry when you are dead. But this isn’t possible unless we ourselves understand the value of the life which is given to us by God.

That’s what a person needs to do who wants to die famous!! 😀

There is another saying..

“People mourn over the dead but don’t value them when they were alive.”

Your funeral will be more crowded than any other function you would have hosted. People who never talked to you when you were alive, who never bothered about you or who ignored your call every time you called them will be there. This is a fact!

One side Ralph is saying live such that people will cry when  you die and the other side I’m saying people mourn over the dead but don’t value them when they were alive. Here, I don’t mean to say that all the mourners don’t value the dead but there many for whom the life of that person never mattered. And I feel that they have no business coming to the funeral. Funeral is not organised for heartless people to show their faces after the person is dead.  But I do believe in forgiving my transgressors.

So, my point being, work towards being a person whom people will never forget after you die, learn to value your life AND also work to become a person who understands the value of another person’s life, be it anybody. A beggar or a rock star, how ever dirty, bad or good, everyone has a life which has value and has meaning, a lot more than just these four letters L-I-F-E.

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