Virtual reality

I walk, I run into this world of new and unknown faces, young and old, graceful and loving, still and moving. I walk through the galaxy of unending faces and places.  I wait, when will I  next see your face again. When I’ll see your face, face to face. All there is, is virtual reality. The thought of you has become reality. I lean on to see you walk towards me, I sit by my window to see you walk out of your front door. There you are my happy thought which will last till I make it reality or kill it. The dilemma of letting you be real or kill you or live on in this virtual reality. Is there a way out? Is there a way I can turn this into reality, where I can touch you and feel you. Will this never end? Is this forever to last? How long do you think I can hang on to you, virtual reality? This seems eternal, with no beginning and no end. I woke up one morning and found myself in the center of your world. Now its become mine. It flows through my veins, through my heart every second of being mortal. You’ll be part of me even when I fly high in the sky free as a bird. I know you will not be gone sooner, you will last my whole life. Your world is beautiful and never turns me off, it blows life into me, it carries me with the wind, into the ocean, above the waves and into the sky. You’ll never forgot me. Neither will I. I wonder if I left your world, would I still live in beauty and love? Will I ever forget your face if I wanted to? This seems impossible at this point. You are my virtual reality. You’ll always be my happy thought? Or will I ever see you? I feel you fading away slowly and gradually. Is this going to end soon? I feel the absence, and I don’t feel pain. I feel happiness and I feel you. I don’t know if this is it. I fear nothing anymore, I have this strength inside of me. Your world has something to do with it. With strength, you are my weakness sometimes, you can break me just by snapping your finger. But somehow you give me strength which can’t break me so easily. That part is me. Still I think till when will this last? This remains my pursuit, to know what happens to you and what happens to me. I silently wait, living in your happy thought, in your world which has become mine too. Virtual reality!

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