The Writer’s guide

I have come to a point where I feel I need to write a book. I know it’s the hardest thing to do like any other profession or job. But that’s what I’m born to do; to write. Reading various articles on writing, how to write a book? how to begin? what all will I have to go through to?, to come up with a master piece worth selling and being read by the world is a daunting experience but its worth it.

Writing is an experience of something outside this world of touch and feel. It’s what I go through when I write a piece of art, present it to myself as an end product which eventually comes back to me in the form of critical views of my readers. I would compare this experience of writing to being stoned or tipsy. You really don’t hear or feel what’s going on around . It’s just you and your pen or keyboard (for me) and the numbness all through out your body, concentrating on solely one thing that’s writing. The words pour out of you like the water from a tap and you continuously write. Then there comes a time when your phone rings or someone calls out your name, and you’re vanished from the sleigh in the mid air with Santa, back on your feet looking at reality.

This is when you write short pieces. When you aim on writing lengthy ones it’s not all that smooth road. The road gets real bumpy with you’re digging for ideas to continue your writing and suddenly you reach a blank wall. That’s frustrating! This is when your creation is telling you “Take a break”. Either you’ve taken the wrong turn or you’ve missed out on something very essential. So you take a break, a long break, days to be exact. In the mean time, procrastination creeps in. Not that you’ve forgotten about the writing, it’s somewhere in the back of your mind which keeps popping up every now and then but then you tend to flush it out and carry on with your procrastination. That’s when I have to take things into my hands and get to my laptop and start from scratch, editing every line. When I reach the end? I’m done for the day. Back to procrastination! So, the moral being it’s not an easy task to write long pieces like a book, it takes a lot of time, energy, patience. After writing you turn out to be a different person all together.

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