Blame yourself!

Blame the one that’s inside you
Not the man you love
Or the mother who cares for you.
The fault is in you
Not in the eye of the archer
Not in the tips of the thorny  branches.
It’s where you kept your foot
Not the ground which took the print.
It’s your mind that made the thought
Not the face that smiled back at you.
It’s the hand  that you held,
Not the hand that gripped yours.

It’s your hand that creates,
Not the brush that paints.
It’s your mouth that speaks,
Not the ear that hears.
It’s always you
And you alone
Because the sun shows up everyday
But it’s the earth that rotates to see it’s face.
It’s your feet that makes you stand,
Not the one who calls out your name.
It’s you who breaths in hatred
Not the air that went through your nostrils.
It’ll always be you
And you alone
To make the way
Not the men beside you.
It’s all inside you.

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