Papa Bear

In greatness and in might came a power so great that lead to a collision so immense as the space. Brought to life, it, a huge chunk from the vacuum within. Blazing like the breath of a dragon, fierce like the gazing sun, piled like the highest mountain, it overshadowed the fright of the might. A fountain of heating lava, can never rest in peace, can never form the beautiful rocks it could ever see.  Cracked open the nutshell as soonly it dried out. Bringing out a flower from the pore that sprouted the new design.It simply smiled and waters poured out from every insight that flushed the rustic blend of overflowing lava and its heat inside. The skin was sore of the bear that roared because the light shined so brightly as it soared. Its might brought out a cascade of roses that seemed blemished and sore. As the moon refreshed the light it dawned, so did the bear sing a new song. The blemishes turned to glows and it skin sheltered its broken soul. With a new day came a new might. And again the bear smiled, flushed the waters as it did before, all went back to sore sore sore.

Sleek as a candle stick but strong as a pounding heart, this new might, brought a touching start. Everything turned from sore to roar, the bear turned all the rust to dusty ground and a new sprout had a burst, sank in the waters and sucked it all up. Out grew a tree that gave fruits the bear hadn’t seen. He wanted to smile again but feared the next that would come. Content filled his heart, never he thought he would last. The sleek joined in to celebrate this new start. Bloomed like the fish diving out of the waters, touched the sky and dived in again. There was beauty and there was storm. All it did was bring more to astound. The bear grew strong with the night and days that showed the dazzling stars. Sleek went into slumber and never did awake but the bear never smiled and brought himself to be might of a branded state.

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