Are you a mason? Do you build walls?

I finally felt I had lost and everyone was winning; my gleeful philosophy seemed to perish when every last hope was turning to shackles. The wonder woman almost lost her power and grace. It spelled The End of the heroic tale of the Beauty without her Beast. I smelled hopelessness at every corner of the city; black fumes glorified the skies with their unceasing melody. The structures built all along were turning to dust; grass on the other side looked green. All I wanted was to be shunned into a capsule and transported to a new world. The done couldn’t be changed; all I wished for was to live for the love that hadn’t revealed itself. It seemed simple, the road that led me here; I didn’t wish for a fairy tale, but I never settled for the joyful and simplistic. The beating heart spilled in agony and distress. It left me speechless and swollen with words that were unspoken.

I believe there’s a mason inside each heart; building walls and creating boundaries. I don’t want to learn that profession because too many masons would create a lot of walls and all it would do is barrier the unknown and the beautiful from what we feel is soulless and worthless. Taste and see, it’s not that bad. Calamities were meant to come because I was the one who let them in. A choice to choose left us all behind. I didn’t want to be the mason because I loved to write. The end was simple so did I know. What was before it, questioned me more. I slumbered on it for days and nights, but what came was, it was simple inside.

What was life without blemishes and frown; it would have been a pit full of clowns. It couldn’t end there because life had much to share. So did the wonder woman that was still standing right there. She may have lost her grace and power but that didn’t stop her from getting back to what seemed impossible and tall as a tower. I make it and I break it; I shatter what is meant not to be shaken. That’s the essence of human life. But becoming a mason is just the coward who blamed and took the benefit of doubt. Face it; it was you and not the one that came to you.

Shackles will turn to structures and so will they demolish once again. I am a mason of my life only to build bridges and not walls that will pull me behind.

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