You look like a terrorist to me!

I perceive you as a person cloaked in black, blackness that covers your face and your mouth that somehow gives out unpleasantness whenever you bark your voice. A dwarfy frame weighed down with high powered spectacles and white teeth coupled together, which whenever you open your mouth to yap shows off like the fake cover to the gleam inside you.

You sound like the pepper spray when it’s emptied on the oppressor’s face.

Screams of hurtful sounds and disgust filter through the voice, like splinters pricking your skin with poison. Your smile revealed the slightest of cheer which kept me to believe there exists a spec of goodness which showed up just for a fraction of a second and hid behind the gleam you covered your face with throughout.

I picked your picture to describe, because you were what I thought, a wolf cloaked in wolf’s skin not making it hard to believe what you are but making it harder to believe that there could be a sheep still there inside blinded by the glasses you wear which should bring you clarity of what’s on the other side.

I peeked into you several times, you seemed like a witch’s potion pot, bubbling with whatever ingredient she wished to sprite reducing to something small that could change everything with one drop. Like a barren land turning into lush green or a lush land turning to ashes. All it needed was a drop from the potion, the potion that filled your despair.

But the look on your face always made me look at you. Never gave the second thought, just a glimpse is all I needed to see the wolf peeking out and the laugh reflecting the innocence which was a disguise.

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