Everything happens in its season, for a reason

You want to skip the accident and join the football team to become THE PLAYER? Or fall in love but end up all happy and single? That’s not how it works. It doesn’t work at all, it goes with the flow. I wish sometimes I had a LIFE HACKER which I could use to hack my life and delete a whole chunk of messy, unnecessary days and stories that “I feel” aren’t needed and keep the ones that “I think” will make me reach my objective. 

We all are on a mission, an unplanned and unworked mission that doesn’t have a road map but just a goal which we think we’ll eventually reach. This is the before part of ” out of the cocoon of comfort” stage. 

Once we are out of the cocoon of comfort, we seem clueless. All the plans that were set, the map that was created seems washed off. This is the story of a percentage of people existing on this planet. Among the rest, some “think” they are sorted, some are “actually” sorted and some just don’t try! But we on the other hand, keep trying. We are the ones who use that hit and trial method. We do stuff because we feel it’s right, when it may not be also. And many times we do it because we really don’t know what are the consequences or just don’t see any consequence. It seems scary when you’re walking on a road that has light just enough to see where you’re standing right now but not beyond. Your next step doesn’t know where it will land, consequence or reward. Once the step is taken, first, there’s no turning back. Second, there’s only moving front. Because if you decide to turn back you’ll have to start from scratch but if you move on there are consequences and rewards! Ever thought if you take a step backward, why aren’t there any consequences or rewards? Because only when you run towards the finish line, you come first or last. If you go back to the start line, there’s nothing waiting for you, just the line!

Coming back to the LIFE HACKER. Why do I need one? When I take a step forward consequence or reward is inevitable. If rewards shower on me, I’m on top of the world. But if consequences fall, I’m close to dead. That’s where the LIFE HACKER comes into play.

So, after all is said and done I sit at my study desk, see my life replay in the LIFE HACKER, pause it, mark the beginning, play it, pause it again, mark the ending and cut that part, put it in the LIFE HACKER SHEDDER and destroy it forever. Then stick the left over part together and continue watching my life story. At the end of this process, I’m left with what I believe is the perfect story to reach my objective.

BUT, why do I need to snip off those “incorrect” parts from my story? What difference would it make to my story when the ending remains the same?

What I snipped off from my life story was the GUILT that made me wither everytime I thought of my story. Because it’s not the goal that just matters, it’s the story!

And that guilt can’t be cut off but can be dissolved with self forgiveness and self love.


happens in its season, for a reason.



Grow in every season, don’t snip even a part of it.


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