Puddle of thoughts

How does it feel when finally you’ve got to the point where you have to scribble blue drops for more than just what your heart says? I’m scratching my head, what to write! It’s weird. I’m supposed to be know what to write. I’m supposed write something interesting, something catchy and here I’m sitting pondering on the fact that I have to write. What to write, hasn’t dropped into my puddle of words yet. I need a Pandora box to be opened with the weirdest and expelling ideas to give me a breakthrough. I need to detoxify my breath of anything that isn’t helping to write. What can help me do that? WRITING! That’s the solution. And that’s what I’m  finally doing.  Probably staying awake all night will flush out the uninvited thoughts. I need an empty pot for sleep to happen. The pot is filled with stones, all they can do is keep me awake.
I need to prepare before hand, lest the race will leave me at the starting line. I need to figure out the direction in which I’ll take the next step.
Well, I close with my thoughts in the tiny little box beside my bed, to unleash the beasts until the light touches my eye lids.

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