Hola humans, welcome!

I’m Sakhi Anne Scott.

I was born in God’s own country and grew up in the sandy land.
I’m a copywriter by profession and a psychology enthusiast by interest.
Writing has been my passion since time immemorial. I began by writing poems, short stories, and continue to write write and write much more today.
I am a follower of Jesus Christ and that’s something that impacts every part of my life. Honestly, I’m still learning about areas in my life that I’ve kept Jesus out of. But that’s a work in progress.
With this blog I aim to share my life’s journey with Jesus. My shortcomings, my achievements, my learnings and so much more.
As I grow and share my life with you, I hope you find companionship, encouragement and strength through these words.

This a space for learning, sharing and growing as human beings. Let’s share our own views and at the same time, respect any other views and opinions that might not align with ours.

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