Am I sick?

Sitting at my office desk, suddenly I feel a sense of emptiness, absence of direction, especially when there's a lot going on around me. There is so much I can involve myself in but I don't feel like doing anything. I want to write so much, read, speak, share so many things but I end... Continue Reading →

Puddle of thoughts

How does it feel when finally you've got to the point where you have to scribble blue drops for more than just what your heart says? I'm scratching my head, what to write! It's weird. I'm supposed to be know what to write. I'm supposed write something interesting, something catchy and here I'm sitting pondering... Continue Reading →


Easy is a word for the fools who believe life is meant to be simple, directionless and meaningless. There are times when nothing seems the best thing to do and avoiding answers to questions seems most satisfying. But taking each part of life as a matter of no importance is rather foolish. It is believed... Continue Reading →


Life is such, it molds you at first into a beautiful and flawless butterfly flaunting its beauty from afar. "Oh look, there she goes", people say all around you. You turn back to smile and go on to make your winning story. Have you ever noticed a butterfly doesn't remain this way always? From an... Continue Reading →

Black Mamba

A short story I wrote on a storm evening. It has also been adapted into a Hindi short story by a friend of mine.


Loneliness is depressing.  The dictionary defines the word as isolation. Imagine yourself living in a large bungalow, which is completely empty. You can live for a day, a week, maybe a month if you have that much will power. In the beginning it will seem peaceful, and you would wish if you could live like... Continue Reading →

Papa Bear

In greatness and in might came a power so great that lead to a collision so immense as the space. Brought to life, it, a huge chunk from the vacuum within. Blazing like the breath of a dragon, fierce like the gazing sun, piled like the highest mountain, it overshadowed the fright of the might.... Continue Reading →

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