Puddle of thoughts

How does it feel when finally you've got to the point where you have to scribble blue drops for more than just what your heart says? I'm scratching my head, what to write! It's weird. I'm supposed to be know what to write. I'm supposed write something interesting, something catchy and here I'm sitting pondering... Continue Reading →

Blame yourself!

Blame the one that's inside you Not the man you love Or the mother who cares for you. The fault is in you Not in the eye of the archer Not in the tips of the thorny  branches. It's where you kept your foot Not the ground which took the print. It's your mind that... Continue Reading →

Virtual reality

I walk, I run into this world of new and unknown faces, young and old, graceful and loving, still and moving. I walk through the galaxy of unending faces and places.  I wait, when will I  next see your face again. When I'll see your face, face to face. All there is, is virtual reality.... Continue Reading →

Till death do us part..

“When you were born you were crying and everyone else was smiling. Live your life so at the end, you're the one who is smiling and everyone else is crying.” This is what the great poet Ralph Waldo Emerson had to say about making your life so worthwhile that your death causes the world to go... Continue Reading →


A big head but a small body, fluent in his thoughts and straight forward in his attitude. A lookalike of Jacky Chan, the famous movie star. Fine hair faintly highlighting his eyebrows. His voice gentle but firm, with the sweetness of a manly touch. Sings like a bird sitting on the tallest tree letting the... Continue Reading →

Things you want to cling on to!

Its been a long time, being associated to something beyond I know, something beyond just my family and friends. Something that gives me that belongingness, that love and that it's mine as well. With I being myself, and nothing more. Knowing people , simple lovely people, with beautiful hearts. After long I actually feel I'm... Continue Reading →

Rock your boat!

How to tame the raging sea? How to sail in a boat that keeps rocking due to the raging sea? Its fun sailing in such a boat, with the fear of falling into the sea any minute and also learning to balance it ever now and then. imagine living in a boat all your life, with... Continue Reading →

Make out of it What you want!

The splash of colour like a bucket full of water thrown onto a car being washed turns into a auto with one wheel  and its steering wheel lying on the ground. Another splash of colour on the auto and it miraculously turns into a bike with another wheel and the wind shield on the ground.... Continue Reading →


Like the one in Nepal, that's huge! With everything above you rushing down with the speed of light and you're dead! What could be worse? Life! Death is the easy way out. Not that life is bad and useless. Now what doesn't have it's pros and cons. Calamities happen everywhere, it's just that we see... Continue Reading →

When I looked inside

It was like the ocean , the waves roaring with all ease, like a saturn ribbon flowing out like a stream on the rocks with no effort, silently like a thief , without bothering anyone around, like my ears couldn't hear anymore, it was like everything had slowed down, even the air around went still,... Continue Reading →

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