Papa Bear

In greatness and in might came a power so great that lead to a collision so immense as the space. Brought to life, it, a huge chunk from the vacuum within. Blazing like the breath of a dragon, fierce like the gazing sun, piled like the highest mountain, it overshadowed the fright of the might.... Continue Reading →

Understand them!

I desperately needed to understand Jennifer's grief. There appeared to be no end to her crying. The way she secluded herself in her room deeply concerned me. "How can I reach her?" I thought. "Tom passed away months ago, yet Jennifer seems the hardest to console." Knocking on Jennifer's door, I prayed that I might... Continue Reading →

Blame yourself!

Blame the one that's inside you Not the man you love Or the mother who cares for you. The fault is in you Not in the eye of the archer Not in the tips of the thorny  branches. It's where you kept your foot Not the ground which took the print. It's your mind that... Continue Reading →

The Writer’s guide

I have come to a point where I feel I need to write a book. I know it's the hardest thing to do like any other profession or job. But that's what I'm born to do; to write. Reading various articles on writing, how to write a book? how to begin? what all will I... Continue Reading →

Virtual reality

I walk, I run into this world of new and unknown faces, young and old, graceful and loving, still and moving. I walk through the galaxy of unending faces and places.  I wait, when will I  next see your face again. When I'll see your face, face to face. All there is, is virtual reality.... Continue Reading →

Till death do us part..

“When you were born you were crying and everyone else was smiling. Live your life so at the end, you're the one who is smiling and everyone else is crying.” This is what the great poet Ralph Waldo Emerson had to say about making your life so worthwhile that your death causes the world to go... Continue Reading →


I’m a hard nut to crack, You’re the water that flows over me, But I’m the stone, that only molds You can never flow through me. I’m the statue in the museum you see The white Greek goddess right there, Your eyes peel off my whiteness My bare wounds are seen. You don’t know what I’m made... Continue Reading →

The Fruit Is Yet To be Ripened

There's a theory, that children have pure souls, unlike you and me who are older now and have messed it up somewhere or the other. A child if reared in a surrounding where there are no negative stimuli, enforces no change in its behavior, the child will grow naturally the way it is without any... Continue Reading →

A Scary Dream

I opened the front door and I saw lions walking around in the street. Not running around, but casually walking around as if they lived there. The street was empty with no soul to be seen, not even vehicles. Just one lion walking calmly looking around. The foot path was spot clean with grass evenly... Continue Reading →


A big head but a small body, fluent in his thoughts and straight forward in his attitude. A lookalike of Jacky Chan, the famous movie star. Fine hair faintly highlighting his eyebrows. His voice gentle but firm, with the sweetness of a manly touch. Sings like a bird sitting on the tallest tree letting the... Continue Reading →

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