The Writer’s guide

I have come to a point where I feel I need to write a book. I know it's the hardest thing to do like any other profession or job. But that's what I'm born to do; to write. Reading various articles on writing, how to write a book? how to begin? what all will I... Continue Reading →

Polo Skins

She was very happy with her life. She had a good job that paid her well. She had a beach view apartment in Chennai and a BMW. She lived alone in her three bedroom house, with the finest interior anyone could afford. She was a queen in her palace. She would get up every morning,... Continue Reading →

The Write Song

Write like the ink in the pen never got over, write like all the the trees were cut down to make you paper and still there grew more trees, write like you never saw the sun or the stars in the night, write like you never ran out thoughts, write like there seemed nothing more... Continue Reading →

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