Life is such, it molds you at first into a beautiful and flawless butterfly flaunting its beauty from afar. "Oh look, there she goes", people say all around you. You turn back to smile and go on to make your winning story. Have you ever noticed a butterfly doesn't remain this way always? From an... Continue Reading →

Black Mamba

A short story I wrote on a storm evening. It has also been adapted into a Hindi short story by a friend of mine.


Loneliness is depressing.  The dictionary defines the word as isolation. Imagine yourself living in a large bungalow, which is completely empty. You can live for a day, a week, maybe a month if you have that much will power. In the beginning it will seem peaceful, and you would wish if you could live like... Continue Reading →

Papa Bear

In greatness and in might came a power so great that lead to a collision so immense as the space. Brought to life, it, a huge chunk from the vacuum within. Blazing like the breath of a dragon, fierce like the gazing sun, piled like the highest mountain, it overshadowed the fright of the might.... Continue Reading →


I’m a hard nut to crack, You’re the water that flows over me, But I’m the stone, that only molds You can never flow through me. I’m the statue in the museum you see The white Greek goddess right there, Your eyes peel off my whiteness My bare wounds are seen. You don’t know what I’m made... Continue Reading →


A big head but a small body, fluent in his thoughts and straight forward in his attitude. A lookalike of Jacky Chan, the famous movie star. Fine hair faintly highlighting his eyebrows. His voice gentle but firm, with the sweetness of a manly touch. Sings like a bird sitting on the tallest tree letting the... Continue Reading →


Like the one in Nepal, that's huge! With everything above you rushing down with the speed of light and you're dead! What could be worse? Life! Death is the easy way out. Not that life is bad and useless. Now what doesn't have it's pros and cons. Calamities happen everywhere, it's just that we see... Continue Reading →

The Write Song

Write like the ink in the pen never got over, write like all the the trees were cut down to make you paper and still there grew more trees, write like you never saw the sun or the stars in the night, write like you never ran out thoughts, write like there seemed nothing more... Continue Reading →

How simple can it get?

Sit on a chair get rooted into it. Keep sitting on it for hours, days and months, you'll get yourself rooted into it. That's how much simpler it can get! And your roots grow so deep after some time that the need to get up isn't there. The roots provide you with all the nutrition... Continue Reading →

Whose choice is it?

I have been pondering over this thought for a long time now, that there is a God who created us and He has given us the freedom of choice. And again the Bible says God has a plan for your life. Now how does this work? I was talking to a friend of mine recently,... Continue Reading →

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