Life is such, it molds you at first into a beautiful and flawless butterfly flaunting its beauty from afar. "Oh look, there she goes", people say all around you. You turn back to smile and go on to make your winning story. Have you ever noticed a butterfly doesn't remain this way always? From an... Continue Reading →

Blue drops of Blood

Continuous flow of blood, falling on the clean white tiled floor, there he lay on his bed lifeless, with his arm stretched out, his eyes staring at the spotless ceiling and a sheet draping his naked body. Staining the floor with his life emptying his mortal self on to nothing but the floor. All he... Continue Reading →

The Bright Side

I'm stuck inside the wall. I don't know which side to fall. If I go back I'll hit another wall. So I decide to step outside the wall. No one sees me because I'm the color of the wall. People bang into me but don't care to say sorry. Because I'm the color of the... Continue Reading →

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