The Bright Side

I’m stuck inside the wall. I don’t know which side to fall. If I go back I’ll hit another wall. So I decide to step outside the wall. No one sees me because I’m the color of the wall. People bang into me but don’t care to say sorry. Because I’m the color of the wall. I look around all I see is a room full of walls, where the road runs parallel to the ground, cars speeding by, the lights beaming yellow red and green. People passing by in their winter coats and boots. The sun shining high up from the sky. The clouds come in and hide the beaming sunlight. Rain is pouring down like it was meant to at this very moment when I planned to step out. Everyone starts running to save themselves from the acid rain. Umbrellas open up huge black ones. They begin to melt with the acid drops rolling down on them. Everything starts melting, the buildings, cars, streetlights, people’s faces, hands, hair and clothes. I stand still looking at this happening around me. I look at myself. I’m not melting like the others. The color of the wall starts falling off my body, a layer of invisibility coming off me like I am being washed. People stop running and struggling. They stand there staring at me. All of them melting down to the ground but they stand still, like they feel no pain anymore. I start becoming visible. Even more, I am shining, shining like the sun, dazzling like I was made of thousands of diamonds and they become more visible as the acid rain washes me off.

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