Rock your boat!

How to tame the raging sea? How to sail in a boat that keeps rocking due to the raging sea? Its fun sailing in such a boat, with the fear of falling into the sea any minute and also learning to balance it ever now and then. imagine living in a boat all your life, with abundance of food and water which comes from nowhere. You all alone rocking in the sea, enjoying it. Sleeping instead of thinking of drowning. In the mean time once in a while jumping into the sea, learning how to swim and yeah jump back into the boat when you see a shark approaching. Making a spear out of nothing and learning to kill fish and cook them for dinner; burn fire wood to keep you from the cold at night and make a small shelter to keep you from burning into ashes in the day. And forgetting about the rocking boat. Is it even rocking? I was too busy taking care of myself and learning to make stuff that I forgot that the boat was even rocking and the sea was roaring. And then when you start rocking the boat, that’s when you actually start living, that’s when the boat is yours and the sea is yours. That’s when you tame the raging sea.

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