Life is such, it molds you at first into a beautiful and flawless butterfly flaunting its beauty from afar. “Oh look, there she goes”, people say all around you. You turn back to smile and go on to make your winning story.

Have you ever noticed a butterfly doesn’t remain this way always?

From an egg to a caterpillar to an ugly cocoon of silence to a blissful and eternal glistening butterfly. No one notices the whole process happen only just when the butterfly flies with beauty and brilliance. What no one saw is the life lived, the seed that was sown, the sweat that dripped. What everyone saw was not the beast that lived all along, they only praised the beauty that unveiled.

Does this beauty last forever? Have you witnessed an unceasing fragrance that dwelled throughout? Have you seen a butterfly fly its way to maturity? No.

Life is such. The butterfly flies till it’s meant to. It leaves its beauty and rushes back to take its place for another butterfly to be born. A butterfly ends and a new life begins all over again and the process of polishing the beauty is back in play.

I call this stage- “Un-butterfly”

The stage where a butterfly has lived to its fullest, where it has mastered the art of flaunting its beauty. Now, its time, time for the next adventure for this butterfly. That’s when it “Un-butterflies”.

It un-butterflies to live another life of beauty, to master the art all over again, but this time at a different level, a higher level, a level much more beautiful than the latter.

I am the butterfly that grows in beauty. I have perfected the art of flaunting it and now its time. It’s time to take it to the next level. It’s time to Un-butterfly.


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