Easy is a word for the fools who believe life is meant to be simple, directionless and meaningless. There are times when nothing seems the best thing to do and avoiding answers to questions seems most satisfying. But taking each part of life as a matter of no importance is rather foolish. It is believed that we do some things in life because it needs to be done. We forget that in believing so, the essence of living is lost. Instead, we strive to seek life and drift to simply surviving. While a goal may guide the path to success but if the life is erased from what is called the journey, life itself ceases to exist. Things always seem worth struggling for and so it should be. But it is of great importance that we must not forget the essence of life.  One needs to stay in touch with the source of that life, the tiny pore that sends out spurts of light which energize our beings to do things that we wish to do. If, in the journey of seeking the goal, we forget the source, we might reach the epitome but we’d become a tree that stands without its roots holding it upright in the universe. Soon to fall in the hands of nothing and nowhere. In order to remain sane and focused, the focus must rest on the source. For this, frequently coming back to that core strengthens and reassures who we are and what we are. This exercise fills the empty jar with life again, reminding us of our strength and capacity that brought us where we are, in the first place. The signs, to understand that you have been drifted away from the core and are lost in space with no gravity to pull you back, are that you will simply feel lost, alone, empty, unsatisfied. Nothing will bring peace to your heart and mind; anything that you might try out. Because it always seems easier to climb the ladder but staying up there is what the actual task is or even falling back. This is what we are not prepared for. The primary preparation should comprise of managing the success a person shall achieve.To make it clear, achieving success isn’t synonymous to becoming famous or doing great things. It simply is the small goals we set in life to achieve to give meaning to the humanness in us.

As tough it might sound, everything in the world that seems tough is worth thinking about, fighting for and working towards. Easy is for the foolish who believe life is a journey with death at the other end; everything in between are merely phases that will pass by till the body meets the mud and turn into what life meant to us, meaningless.


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